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Search & Grow - Custom Dubsado Form for The Writique - Professional Copywriters

The Writique

Professional Copywriters

For an industry that isn't typically visually appealing - professional copywriting and copyediting - the challenge was to not only beautify Alana's proposals, but to simplify a necessarily text-heavy form without being overwhelming. An order-form type proposal was designed to allow clients to pick and choose services 'a-la-carté' style or as packages/bundles. And an on-boarding questionnaire that was sectioned off with custom illustrations and animations to guide clients through the full experience of working with her and her team.

My Dubsado proposal form and client questionnaire look absolutely magnificent - the Dubsado community has raved and raved about it!

Alana :: The Writique

Custom Navigation Prompts

Mini navigation to swiftly guide clients to their relevant sections

Navigation was designed to swiftly guide clients through the process of booking with Alana. Prompts throughout the proposal allowed her clients to cut through the irrelevant sections and get to the important stuff - the packages they want and how to book.

custom forms

Order Proposal
Client Questionnaire
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